Quip Toothbrush Review

A toothbrush refers to an oral hygiene instrument for cleaning teeth, gums and tongue. There’re a lot of manufacturers in the market producing different types of toothbrushes with varying bristle textures, forms, and sizes thus is a good idea to know about one of the most popular of these items in our quip toothbrush review.

Toothbrushes can be divided into two broad classes, that is, manual and electric. The manual ones are operated by hand and have been in use since time immemorial. However, the electric toothbrushes are powered to offer greater convenience as it offers quick motions without requiring user’s input. Among the many factors that can lead to teeth damaging is poor and wrong oral hygiene and a good help to understand the distribution of the kinds of teeth that we have , is to have a look to the tooth number chart.. But, in some extent the oral damages are preventable by the use of a good and quality toothbrush such as a quip toothbrush.

What is a quip toothbrush?



This is a compact toothbrush designed to ditch gimmicks such as USB charging, Bluetooth connectivity and reminder LEDs for changing the bristle heads in the favor of creating a brush that’s easy to use as well as keep your gums and teeth healthy. You can choose a friendly color since the toothbrush is available in six different colors.

Features and Design

It’s very compact for an electric toothbrush and barely larger than the traditional brushes with plastic handles. It has a CNC’d aluminum handle having a bead-blasted matte finish. However, quip also offers cheaper toothbrush version with plastic handles. This brush is made of plastic consisting of small flat brush head close to the end of its handle and has soft rounded Dupont nylon bristles surrounded by a row of rubbers. Additionally, it has a rubber covering at the back of the brush head that has a quip logo and short nubs for cleaning your tongue. It has a power button that is built into the white part of the brush head and when you press it, it turns on a two-minute brushing timer. It’s possible to remove the head after the end of three months when you want to replace as well as remove the AAA battery located in the handle during the time of replacement.


The rubber O-rings help to keep the mechanism water-tight. There’s a toothbrush holder with an adhesive strip on its side to allow you to attach on your wall or mirror in your bathroom. The holder can also act as a travel cover.  Cost  For the plastic model of Quip’s toothbrushes, the cost is not expensive and you can get them in green or blue colors. However, you can opt to upgrade to the metal version, that is, silver, gold, copper or slate for reasonable amount of money.

A new head will cost you $5 but you can decide to join the refill program and you will be sent a new head, battery, and toothpaste for $10 at the end of every 3 months. Do you now have an idea of what is a quip toothbrush? Let’s look at how it works  Don’t worry about charging it in the first session since the AAA battery is running. Just remove it from the package, rinse the bristles, add toothpaste, press the power button and brush your teeth.

There’ll be a vibration sensation pulsing in every 30 seconds alerting you to move to another place of your mouth. After two minutes are over, the brush will pulse twice and the vibration stops alerting you the session is over.