Tooth Extraction Aftercare: What To Do?

Tooth extraction is a minor operation when you have to get rid of a bad tooth that is affected by cavities, but tooth extraction aftercare is important to prevent infections and major pain. This is a dental procedure to ensure that the other teeth won’t be affected anymore. The cavities can spread causing tooth decay and if you did not get rid of it, the other teeth may also suffer. Most of the times, you will just know that you have to do it when you are already suffering from a toothache.

Tooth Extraction Aftercare Guidelines

Once you have your tooth extracted, you have to make sure that you will do the aftercare to have a faster recovery from the procedure. It is best to follow some of these steps so that tooth extraction will not be a big deal for you. You don’t want to have complications and it is better to have a guide in order for you to follow while recovering from losing a tooth already.

 Pain killers and Antibiotics

Your dentist will not allow you to suffer after the tooth extraction. Once the anesthesia wears off, you will feel the pain of your wounded gums. The dentist will write a prescription for your pain killers and even antibiotics to ensure your full recovery.

Bite Gently

Cotton or a gauze pad will be pressed on your wounded gums to avoid bleeding too much. Once the dentist takes off his fingers, you will be instructed to bite to hold it into place. Do it gently since biting hard may cause more bleeding. Just put enough pressure on the affected area to make sure that the cotton or gauze pad will stay in place to absorb the blood.

Video-Tooth Extraction Aftercare: Reducing Swelling

Using Cold Compress When In Tooth Extraction Aftercare

Once you are already home, it is best to apply an ice bag to the affected area in order to prevent swelling. Sometimes even with the medication, your gums may still suffer from swelling. A cold compress can help you avoid this from happening.

Avoid Eating Fatty Foods

This is one trick to make sure that your gum wounds will heal faster. You can opt into a soft diet for a few days as well in order to avoid extended bleeding and help your gums to heal. It will not even take a week so you have to just resist the urge of eating these type of food for the meantime.

Helping Tooth Extraction Aftercare Tip: Eat Cold Treats

Now, this is the fun part. Since exposing your wounded gums to cold will help to avoid swelling, it’s the best time to eat your ice cream! Just stay away with nuts or other toppings for now. You can choose a plain variety for now like vanilla to avoid some nuts or chocolate chips to accidentally hurt your gums.

Stay Away from Heavy Lifting

Even if it is just a simple pulling of one tooth, it is still a must to stay away from lifting heavy objects. If you normally work out, you can put it off for the next few days. Make sure that your gums are no longer bleeding and the wound is completely healed before proceeding,

Lat But Not Least when on Tooth Extraction Aftercare: Continue with Oral Hygiene

Even after a tooth extraction, it is a must to still brush your teeth, gargle mouth wash and floss. This is to be sure that there will be no germs or bacterial infection especially that you have wounded gum. Just proceed with your usual oral hygiene routine but be extra careful so that you will not end up hitting the affected area.