8 Best LED Teeth Whitening Reviews

These days we often see celebrities using a LED teeth whitening device to get the perfect smile. But does it really work? Is it safe for oral health?

WHAT is a LED Teeth Whitening ?

These items are used to enhance the effect of the whitening gel in our teeth. The LED light is an accelerator that support the action of the whitening gel to obtain the desired objective.

If you are thinking about clarifying or whitening your teeth, these dental whitening recommendations when using a LED light lamp will help you get the best results for a longer time.
This type of treatment is a teeth whitening procedure that is also known as:
LED or laser tooth whitening.
Teeth whitening with lamp.
Teeth whitening by photoactivation.
Teeth whitening with cold light.

 Treatment Recommendations

Quality Whitening Gel And Guarantee

There may be risks and side effects of whitening, if it is not done with the right product and dental equipment. If the treatment is not done correctly can cause gum problems or tenderness after teeth whitening.
Whitening gels that are applied on the outside of the tooth are based on the application of two types of chemical agents: hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide.
Tooth whitening products with cold light with a concentration ≤ 0.1% of hydrogen peroxide can be used in domestic use.
The most practical accelerator is a LED teeth whitening lamp that emits a blue light for the activation of hydrogen peroxide and allows the entire whitening process to be accelerated.

Things To Avoid During The Process

During the time that the bleaching lasts we must follow a white diet. Avoiding taking any type of natural colors (tomatoes, lettuce, colored fruits, chocolate, coffee or tea) or artificial colors. The days in which the teeth whitening sessions are performed, the enamel pores open and are more receptive to being dyed by the food coloring we eat each day.
Avoid wine and coffee in teeth whitening and don't smoke after teeth whitening
If you are a smoker and want to perform a teeth whitening you have to keep in mind that you will not be able to smoke while the treatment lasts because the tobacco stains the teeth of Yellow color.

Dental hygiene When Using The LED Teeth Whitening Light Accelerator

To maintain white teeth we must have good dental hygiene and a correct tooth brushing technique after each meal. Floss at least once a day to remove food debris.


You should not use colored dentifrices during teeth whitening as they contain artificial extracts and dyes. This toothpaste should not have any color, since during the first days after each whitening session the tooth is more susceptible to acquiring colors that come into contact with its surface.
Keep in mind that the results of teeth whitening vary from person to person and depend on the shade of the teeth before whitening.

Here are our picks of  the best LED Teeth Whitening Light Accelerator:

1.- NSKI Dental LCD LED Cooling Light Teeth Whitening DY-06 with 5 Inch Touch Screen

The NSKI Dental Light Teeth Whitening comes with a 5 in. touch screen, in which you can setup the output of the light’s power to low, medium or high, and also choose the color of the light that you want to use. For instance if you want to get a relaxing effect in the mouth, it is recommended the use of the red light, that with the blue light that is used for treatment and the purple light that is applied when using a special whitening gel. These shades form the array of light colors that are available when utilizing this light teeth whitening machine.

Colors Output Spectrum

Red output spectrum:  620 nm~640 nm

Blue output Spectrum: 430 nm~490 nm

Purple output Spectrum: 380 nm~420 nm

The Voltage of the product features: AC 100~240 V 50~60 Hz 1.2A

2.- Dental Power LED Teeth Whitening Light System Accelerator



The design of the item shows a goose pipe look that can be adjusted at the preference of the specialist, and the microprocessor controlled timer displays presets capability that help the managing of the device.

Beyond that, the machine comes with a digital indicator that performs audio feedback to make easier the job of the professional.

A great feature of this led teeth whitening, is that the machine can select automatically from AC. 50Hz to 60 Hz and 100 to 240 Volts which allows to be used around the world.

Also the system performs high velocity multi arch whitening with reliable and uniform output from the LED light system.

We think that the fan is quite enough to avoid being disturbing for the patient or the specialist, and with the remote control are features that facilitate considerably its use.

3.-  Aphrodite 300W Led Teeth Whitening ,Bleaching Mobile Lamp


The output of the light is highly potent at 6000 MW/CM2. and with its 4 Led teeth whitening tubes the blue light is powerful enough to complete the job efficiently.

The design of the system is thought for the use of specialists that perform in small rooms of dental clinics, allowing them to work comfortably in limited spaces.

A nice feature of the machine is the time display that helps the users to calculate the time that is necessary to finish the task.

Some of the technical specs of the machine are:

Host lamps broad spectrum: 420 nm to 500 nm

Power supply: AV220V+-10%, 50HZ

Light dimensions: 74x18 square mm

More than 60MJ/CM2 power density

Light time usability: Up to 20 minutes

4.-  GLO Brilliant Complete LED Teeth Whitening System Kit


One of the highlights is that the brand uses its own patented G.L.O technology, which is intended to perform a quick and efficient Led teeth whitening treatment which utilizes the company own hydrogen peroxide whitening gel formula, together with their original light system.

GLO Vial Technology is registered with the FDA and is used in the treatment in order to achieve the safest, effective and reliable results.

The great thing about the GLO led teeth whitening is that you don’t need spend any time at a dental clinic, and even can be applied by yourself without major medical expenses or time wasting procedures.

The system is said to be effective against wine, coffee or tea pigments, and also doesn’t affect any veneers, crowns or bridges that the interested could have in their mouth.

5.-  Pevor Power Dental Led Teeth Whitening Light Lamp Bleaching

The product comes with a fan included, and its semicircular and light design is thought to enhance the whitening action that the device performs. The arches work at the same time and are adjustable to any position that the users desire. Like other machines of this kind the item has a timer that can be set up to 20 minutes.

The necessary information is shown in the LED screen in a way that is easy to understand and use when operating the system. Also the system can be used in combination with a 45 ~ 50 mm diameter upright dental chair.

The powerful Led blue light works together with the other component of the kit to achieve an effective whitening result.

The device has a button that operates to start, pause, and finish the use of it, and display a light that shows the status of in which the action is  developed.

Also the product comes with another button to manage the intensity of the light that can be setup in low or high mode.

6.-vinmax LED Teeth Whitening Light Bleaching  Lamp Accelerator Machine

A difference from many of the products that are available which can only be set up to 20 minutes,this device can be set up to 30 minutes. The sellers points out that if the machine doesn’t work properly, they will refund 100% of the money paid by the client.

Technically the accelerator works using 3 alternatives lights, the purple that is used with some kind of special gels, the blue one that improves the composition effect over the gel, and the red that is intended to enhance blood circulation, the metabolism of the cells and to prevent any inflammation that can appears as a result of the treatment.

The product is designed to be use with a voltage of 100 to 230V, and includes in the package: A power cord, 2 mouth guards, the manual, and the main body.

7.-  Litexo Led Teeth Whitening Kit With 16x LED Light

One of the highlights of the Litexo teeth whitener is that comes with a timer with beeper that makes you aware about the evolution of your whitening session.

Also a powerful 16 bulbs LED light accelerator help to shorten the time that is needed to spent when performing the procedure.

The teeth whitening gel consist of 3 pens, and normally are not provided in other less budget effective forms like strips or paste.

The technology that is use in the procedure is called Polyclean Technology, and is designed to reach the most recondite areas of your tooth, making a thorough whitening of all the teeth.

The great advantage of using this product is that you don’t have to pay the steep amount of money that is needed when done with a specialist, and beyond that you can do it comfortably by yourself  at home.

8.- Superdental 10W LED Teeth Whitening Light lamp Orthodontics

The development of the Superdental 10W LED Whitening Light lamp is part of a new batch of technologies that are used in LED orthodontics lights, and comes with an intelligent chip, a rechargeable battery and a powerful Led light.

The process in which the machine is used is named fast solidification, and is done by the use of orthodontics alite paste.

The kit comes with a battery charger, a shielding light protection, 8mm turbo light guide, user manual, whitening tip, wall plug in transformer, 20 pcs sleeves and the unit itself.


Light strength: 2300mw/cm

Power:  AC100-240V 50-60Hz

Input power 10W

Wave length: 400 to 500nm

To use the machine you start by plugging the charger to the power outlet. Then locate the charger in an horizontal position and connect the lamp to it.


You can see that is not shortfall of Led teeth whitening machines and you can choose the device that best suites you.We think that the products that we reviewed here are a good sample of the different systems that are available these days.We hope that we were useful in the task at hand.