Tooth Implant Cost

Dental implant cost per tooth makes people get shocked and for a reason. Figures are normally in the range of several single digits, and that’s why sometimes people get very skeptical about the procedure. To understand the influence of all the cost involved in the budget and why the costs of implants are so high is better to revise the procedure in a more precise way.The explanation of the costs will make you understand that even the procedure involve a considerable amount of money the treatment really worth it.

Average Cost of Tooth Implant Explained

The first think to take in account when considering the list of items that are involved in the costs of dental implants is the fact that the patient have to visit the specialist many times during the treatment, which obviously add a considerable amount of money to the general cost of the procedure.

Also another issue is that in many cases the patient needs the attention of a surgeon and also a dentist.

X-ray or CT scan is necessary for the dentist to make the best decision about the best location and angle for a successful implant that will work properly in the longer term.

A figure that seems realistic to pay for these tests is between $20 and $250.

The possible removal of teeth before to do the implant is another figure that has to be take in in consideration.

If any of your teeth must be removed before the dentist can place your dental implants, that will cost extra, too. The overall cost of the extraction varies depending on the length of the visit and the difficulty of removing the tooth. These amount can go anywhere between $70 to $700 depending on if the extraction needs surgery, tissues removal, complicated surgery and level of anesthesia required.

The service of a surgeon could vary from $500 for a specialist that is still in practice to $2000 for a professional with ample experience. The anesthesiologist normally charge between $500 to $1000 per hour.

Realistic costs for the parts required for an implant in the USA are as follow:

The crown: From $1000 to $5000

The implant: From $1500 to $2500

The abutment: From $250 to $500


Single Tooth Implant Cost

The range of the average single dental implant cost is from $1200 to a little more than $6500 all inclusive, (initial appointment, Implant Plus crown and abutment)  without considering dental plans or dental insurance. This figure include the costs for an average person without considering your individual situation that can add some items to the quotation. Quality of materials and experience of the professional involved in the procedure are the factor that influences the difference in costs.

Front Tooth Implant Cost

Front teeth Implant costs involve the same items that are included for any other implants , and the funds necessary to finance the procedure are similar to the aforementioned.


Cost of Multi Dental Implants

If a person has lost more than one teeth, multi dental implants are one of the options that they have to solve their problems.

An average cost for a good quality multiple dental implant without considering special situations ranges from $5000 to $10000. Requirements are have enough bone to hold the implants, and have healthy teeth contiguous to the space in which the implant is intended to be inserted in.

Average Cost of Full Mouth Dental Implants

Full Mouth Dental Implants has become increasingly popular for people that look to get a solution for their tooth complications. Even though for some people the prices are astonishing for many this kind of implant is by far the best choice.

The average cost of a full mouth dental implant is about $35.000, and prices can go from nearly $5000 to $100.000. When adding only a bottom or top full implant have the costs are in a range that varies from $3.000 to $50.000. The drawback of these kinds of implants is that normally there are several teeth that need to be removed to install the whole plate of implants, making the cost of the procedure to augment considerably.

The great advantage of them is that they are much more comfortable to use that the traditional dentures and also are very stable.

All on 4 Dental Implants Cost

Before to have a look to the cost of this kind of implant it is a advisable to explain what is the idea behind the “All on 4 dental implant”.

The main idea is that your dentist will insert 4 implants that will serve like anchors for the denture that will be attach to them. The saving in costs is quite evident, when compared with full mouth implants. As per other items the cost of the all in four implant  will depends on the materials that are used.

Normally the denture is made from acrylic and the supporting structure from titanium, which derives in a figure that is about $25.000, depending on how many times is necessary to visit the specialist.  More sophisticated material that give a more natural look to the denture will result in higher costs.

Mini Dental Implants Cost

These implants are common when the space that needs to be filled by the implants is excessively small.

The mini dental implants are procedures that are exceptionally used, and are not something that people necessarily choose.

Mini dental implants are used only in specific cases. It’s not necessarily something that patients prefer because they like the idea of having smaller implants.

Common teeth that are replaced with these implants are premolars, front teeth and incisors, and the reason that is preferred over adhesives is because besides to be safer to use, the patient feels much more comfortable.

Are mini dental implants cost cheaper than traditional implants?

Yes the average price of a mini dental implant normally is goes in a range that is from $400 to$2,000, which is obviously much cheaper than a regular implant.