Dental Implant Insurance

When people think about to get a dental implant, one of the first thinks that come in mind is how you can fund it.There are several ways to do it, but usually people also ask a lot if there is some kind of dental implant insurance to help them to finance it.

Does Insurance Cover Dental Implants?

When looking for these types of insurances you have to be very careful and read the detail of the policy and its fine print with great attention.  Many company offer “Full coverage dental implants”, but when you research more deeply you get to the conclusion that implants are not covered. You may ask why. The reason is until today these procedures are considered a cosmetic one more than a medical one for most of the insurance companies.

Even though we don’t agree with the concept, we have to face reality and look for a policy that really going to be useful when we arrive to the point that we have to pay for the implant.

A good point to start is to find out which general health insurance companies have plans that cover cosmetic expenses or specifically dental implants, because sometimes implants are thought to be basic for  the general structure of the jaw or even affect the way that a patient speak. These kinds of policies probably will help to fund the procedure , but almost surely they won’t cover all the expenses and is a good idea to ask which is the percentage of the dental implant that you have to pay by yourself.

Finding a Dental Insurance That Covers Implants

There are a modality of insurances that could cover dental implants, and its name is “Indemnity Dental Insurance”. This kind of insurance consists of an insurance that need you to pay for the procedures by yourself, but will be reimbursed later.

The plans that are covered for this policy, work by making you a deductible of the total of the cost of the policy, and then after the patient has incurred in the payment, the company is going to cover the percentage that have been convened mutually.  With the indemnity dental insurance there no specific specialist that you have to visit, you can visit anyone without the necessity of being member of any providers organization.

Normally companies that give these services cover between 50 to 80% of the expenses that have been paid for the user.



Dental Implants Grants

Dental implant grants are some tool that can be useful to make the burden of the cost of a dental implant a little lighter. These can be achieved by looking for the assistance of a scheme called “Cosmetic Dentistry Grants Program”.

The CDG is not able to fund the whole cost of the implants but can help the financing part of it.

The Cosmetic Dentistry Grants Program is sponsored by a private institution named “The Oral Aesthetic Advocacy Group”, which inspired by the concept that all the people should have an aesthetically healthy mouth, goal that is impossible to achieve for the most of the people that cannot afford an onerous dental implant.

The program is known for giving grants valued in a sum about U$1 million per year, and applying doesn’t require any expense, but the dental health must be guaranteed by the diagnostic of a dentist that is certified to do it.

Once you have been positively assessed by the specialist, he will recommend you for the program, and design a road map for your treatment.

Nevertheless the application is free; there are procedures that have to be paid by the interested, like the X-ray costs.

Also the applicants have to understand that the costs of the treatments must be paid upfront by them, or the insurance institution, and later on, the program will reimburse the funds to them.

Another very important fact to understand is that many of the procedures required by dental implants can be covered by regular insurance plans. So, it is basic that the patients examine carefully the insurance policy of the insurance company that give them the service, and check which are the procedures that they can avoid to pay using their own money.Finally the  CDG, is an excellent alternative for people that don’t have dental insurance.


To make it clear, there is no way to be covered for the total cost of a dental implants, but several procedures that take part of the whole treatment, can be covered by dental insurance policies. Extractions , crowns, all of them are regular oral procedures that normally are covered for the best insurance companies, so don’t despair, and ask for the right insurance policy for your necessities. A full dental implant insurance it is not easy to find because the procedure is too expensive, but there are ways like we have showed here to lowered the amount of money that we have to spend.